The Media "Motorist" bug

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jul 18 21:21:25 MDT 1995

        Papa Paul, & others:
>I think that the news agencies in the USA have a glitch in their word
>processors which automatically adds "Motorist" to the Name of Rodney
        I'm going to assume that you have a solution to this bug, Paul.
I'd be interested in hearing what you think would be a better choice. I
think that "criminal" might suffice, myself.
        On the other hand (&, at the risk of starting a brushfire) no-
thing that Rodney King did that night justified a beating at the hands
of the LAPD. Let's put things in perspective, folks: there were 17 cops
standing around, watching King get beaten. They had pistols, shotguns,
radios, clubs, protective vests, et cetera.
        In short, folks, I didn't buy it then, I don't buy it today, &
I won't buy it tomorrow. The aftermath of the first trial -- the riots &
the joke of a second trial -- doesn't take away from the fact that those
four cops that night were WRONG.
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