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    <<Martha Knudson writes: . . . The liberal agenda is firmly in
    place:  in the universities turning out teachers, the
    curricula used in schools, staffs loaded with entrenched
    liberals, and the NEA at national, state and local
    levels to act as the enforcer.>>
    <<Bruce Norbeck replies that the liberal horrors are
    overstated.  He remarks on the presence of Christian art in a
    public school near his home.>>
    I think that Martha, Katy, Sam, and Papa Paul are on target
    with their concerns about the liberal agenda in the public
    schools.  First, the leadership is liberal.  Second the
    teachers may well be a mix of liberals and conservatives, but
    liberarls are ascendant in school and campus politics and
    conservative instructors are often badly treated in the
    sanctimonious and  politically correct atmosphere.  Heterodoxy
    is only one of several periodicals that has been documenting
    and reporting on this state of things for three or four years.
    Classes, K-12 and post-secondary, are often dominated by a
    liberal text book, viewpoint, and classroom atmosphere.
    In grammar school my own children, who are naturally curious
    and successful learners, have been exposed to much more
    information on sex, drugs, fires, violence, sexual
    harrassment, and abuse than they were interested in learning
    about at those tender but glorious stages of their lives.
    They were filled with fears and their dreams were laced with
    nightmares.  Much of our work as parents was focused on
    helping our children overcome the trauma of public school
    (including, incidently, the busride).
    In highschool, my daughter lacked undivorced parents, pimples,
    and problems to gush about.  In "group," a required encounter
    group held during a school period, she was sometimes seen as
    odd because, she had no personal horror stories to tell, but
    she listened and tried to give advice to her self-destructive
    but also "victimized" classmates who came to revere her rather
    ordinary sanity with inordinate admiration.
    My point is that "normal" has now become odd in our
    beleaguered society and in our schools that reflect it.  I
    think that liberalism is not just a point of view that differs
    from my own; its practices in our time may well be a
    phenomenon of social decay.  I have been reading Newt
    Gingrich's book about renewing America.  It is encouraging to
    think that in a single generation we may be able to climb out
    of the morass into which our country has slipped under the
    misguided leadership of liberals and their cheerleaders in the
    To reverse the decay, Bruce, the problems must be indentified.
    I appreciate the persistence of posters on this list in
    meeting that challenge.
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