Education: teachers

Katy Knudson knudsonk at UCS.ORST.EDU
Wed Jul 19 12:45:07 MDT 1995

James Triplett says,
"It just seems that there are more and more teachers that are either
unwilling or unable to hold their students to any standards, and I
feel that this has a lot to do with the poor education of American
True, James.  Many are unwilling, because one must  have a firm
foundational belief that what you are doing is right.  That is difficult
for many in our relativistic age.  One cause of inability to hold to
standards is the problem of lack of administrative backup.  If principals will
not stand behind their teachers when the teachers make tough stands, sooner or
later teachers wear out.  I am a casualty of this.  After 5 years of bucking
the system to do what I think is right for students and standing alone, I am
burned out.  I am leaving public secondary education, and will pursue a
doctorate to be able to teach students in some other type of setting.
I wish I were tougher, but am out of steam for fighting this losing
battle.  I know other excellent teachers who are in the same boat.  The
current system has driven many of us out.  Kate

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