Jury Selection

Dick Braendle DickBra at AOL.COM
Wed Jul 19 18:17:13 MDT 1995

Bruce,   You say ",     I'm not. I'm in favor of professional attornies &
judges who
recognise that their job is not to win, but to see justice done. Pro-
fessional juries will bring about the same problems that we see now, &
perhaps even more of them."
Yes, but you would have to change the whole adversary system to get defense
attorneys who would really seek the truth and not try to get an acquittal for
their clients. What would the def att do under your system if he believed the
evidence showed his client guilty as I am sure is the case in the OJ trial,
 If they had  professional juries, a plea bargain would have occured before
the trial began and saved a fortune.
I agree professional juries would create some problems but not nearly as many
as we have now,
How the job continues to go well!!
Dick in Florida

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