The Media "Motorist" bug

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jul 19 21:04:42 MDT 1995

        D. J. Rotigel, & others:
>Bruce, possiably they were wrong.
        Obviously, we disagree on this point. The four cops who beat
King were wrong. Not "possibly" wrong -- WRONG.
>But so was Rodent King.
        Rodney King. & yes, he was wrong. However...
>Why in the world did he not do what the police told him? The passanger
>in the car did as he was told and was not beat to a pulp.
        Rodney King was told to get face down on the ground. He failed,
for whatever reason, to do so. Police later testified that he exhibited
all the symptoms of PCP intoxication, even though he tested negative for
it later on at the hospital. The point, though, is that not doing what
an officer tells you to do is not grounds to be punched, kicked, & club-
bed. I don't rightly care how fast he was driving on that highway; I
don't care if he was doing 180 mph. down the middle of Sunset Boulevard.
The police had no reason whatsoever to beat him the way they did -- &
other cops at the scene said as much, during the trial.
        If those four cops couldn't subdue an unarmed man without kick-
ing & clubbing him, then they shouldn't be on the force.
        I'm willing to bet that, had Rodney King been YOUR son, you'd
have been outraged. You might have taken a strap to the kid afterwards
yourself, but you'd be outraged that the police would beat him like that
simply for not dropping to the ground.
        Let's not forget -- not all the jack-booted thugs work for the
BATF or the DEA; some of them are wearing blue uniforms & patrolling our
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