The Media "Motorist" bug

David E. Rotigel XDDC at GROVE.IUP.EDU
Thu Jul 20 08:26:27 MDT 1995

Bruce wrote:
>        I'm willing to bet that, had Rodney King been YOUR son, you'd
>have been outraged. You might have taken a strap to the kid afterwards
>yourself, but you'd be outraged that the police would beat him like that
>simply for not dropping to the ground.
                Wrong, given the situation, even if he were my son, I believe
he got what he had comming to him. If he would have done as the police told him
to do, and not lunged at the officers (probably due to some other drug he was
on) he would have been just fine.
>        Let's not forget -- not all the jack-booted thugs work for the
>BATF or the DEA; some of them are wearing blue uniforms & patrolling our
                Here we go again. One or two bad apples does not make the whole
BATF or DEA bad. Yes Rush loves to pick out a few extreme examples and play
them for all they are worth, but he also points out that, by and large, most of
them are doing a very fine job. I happen to agree with him here.
                        D.J. Rotigel

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