The Media "Motorist" bug

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Jul 20 10:30:53 MDT 1995

Bruce writes (in response to D.J):
>        Rodney King was told to get face down on the ground. He
>for whatever reason, to do so. Police later testified that he
>all the symptoms of PCP intoxication, even though he tested negative
>it later on at the hospital. The point, though, is that not doing what
>an officer tells you to do is not grounds to be punched, kicked, &
>bed. I don't rightly care how fast he was driving on that highway; I
>don't care if he was doing 180 mph. down the middle of Sunset
I'm sorry, Bruce, but I DO care how fast that idiot was going on the
freeway.  That man endangered hundreds of lives by driving recklessly,
under the influence of something, just to avoid getting a citation.  If
YOUR kids were walking down Foothill Boulevard and were hit and
possible killed by this maniac, I think you would have a completely
different opinion of this maniac!
I realize you have very strong libertarian views and have a problem
with authority (government, police), but they are there for our
protection.  I, for one, am grateful that these individuals are out on
the streets, risking their lives EVERY day for my safety!  Sure, there
are many bad cops out there, but not enough that I'm going to have a
sour attitude towards the ENTIRE police force!
>        I'm willing to bet that, had Rodney King been YOUR son, you'd
>have been outraged. You might have taken a strap to the kid afterwards
>yourself, but you'd be outraged that the police would beat him like
>simply for not dropping to the ground.
First of all, I would hope that I (or anyone else on this list) would
not have a son who will turn out like this criminal!  If Rodney King
were MY son, he wouldn't be speeding away from the police on city
streets endangering the lives of innocent bystanders (or his
passenger).  He would obey the orders of the officers (to drop down on
the floor) and he wouldn't "appear" to be high on LSD or any other
drug.  I'm sure Rodney King grew up in totally different circumstances
than I did, or my kids will grow up in, so this hypothetical situation
you describe is really irrelavent.
>        Let's not forget -- not all the jack-booted thugs work for the
>BATF or the DEA; some of them are wearing blue uniforms & patrolling
Yeah and ALL of them risk their lives daily to keep YOUR butt safe!
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San Francisco/Los Angeles
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