UC hearings on AA

Laib, Steve A41 at MDBE.COM
Thu Jul 20 13:09:00 MDT 1995

Last Speaker to appear during the KSFO coverage was "the Reverend Jackson"
who started off with a prayer for god to lift everyone out of the plane of
racial warfare, and then proceeded to lecture on about nothing in particular
for over 25 minutes.  He completely ignored the time limitation rule.
To bad I wasn't in charge.  He would have had his 5 minutes and then its
either quit, or off to jail.
Among his points:
     Since God made us in different colors, society can't be colorblind.
     The only way to bring about Dr. King's dream of people being judged on
      character, rather than on skin color is by continuing affirmative
     Only by continuing AA will that day arrive.
Something tells me that JJ needs to go back to school and take a class in
elementary logic.  It is out and out crazy to expect that deliberate
judgment of people by skin color will eliminate the practice.  Rather, it
will simply ingrain it in society that much more
To the best of my knowledge, when KSFO broke to go to the news and Ken
Hamblin, JJ was still talking.
Steve Laib
Atty. and Philosopher

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