Cops, Busts, & Rodney King

David E. Rotigel XDDC at GROVE.IUP.EDU
Thu Jul 20 20:36:36 MDT 1995

>        Yep, he sure was. & Rodney King wasn't; the cops merely claimed
>they thought he was. Then, they claimed he "lunged" at them. Then, they
>claimed that the reason they continued to beat him was that he wouldn't
>stop moving.
                And what would they have done if he did as he was told?
Obviously he was on some drug. It may not have been PCP, but he was on
something. As far as the lunging, I saw it. There is no question in my mind
that a person not on some type of drugs would have had the brains not to lunge
as he did at several police officers.
>        Yikes. The whole incident sickened me. & while they beat &
>kicked him, 17 other cops stood around & watched. None of them, appar-
>ently, made any move to help.
>        & I'm supposed to believe they had a right to do this?
                                     D.J. Rotigel

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