Rodney King & the Riots

Katy Knudson knudsonk at DESTINY.ESD105.WEDNET.EDU
Fri Jul 21 10:52:09 MDT 1995

OK, I will concede to Bruce and Andrew that even if Rodney King had
spoken up earlier, it would not have ameliorated the riots.  I still wish
he had at least given a token effort.
I'll also agree with Andrew that some blacks have had bad experiences
with the LAPD which sparked anger.  An acquaintance of mine who is a
delightful, articulate, young black man gets pulled over in the LA area
on the average of once a week.  He is not cited, so his driving appears
to be acceptable.  I am a white female who drove around LA for 8 years
without once being pulled over.  I find the discrepancy curious.
However the riots were sparked, they continued because opportunists saw
that they had a chance to do whatever they wanted without consequences,
since law enforcement was completely absent.  Locked in my house after
curfew, I watched television and saw people of all colors taking
advantage of the absence of law. Many people felt that they could do
anything without consequences, and that attitude resulted in widespread
burning, looting, and murder.  It was a stark lesson about man's need for

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