Rodney King & the Riots

Katy Knudson knudsonk at DESTINY.ESD105.WEDNET.EDU
Fri Jul 21 11:05:50 MDT 1995

Robert says: PS I hope people do not get a really bad impression of the
City of Los Angeles!  The incidents which have spotlighted this City are
generally located in the South-Central region (where no one goes anyway)
and should not be assumed to be apparent in the rest of this area.  There
are good people, smart people, and competent hard-working people in this
City who really don't appreciate Rodney King types ridiculing them.
Besides, this is the home of the best professional baseball team in
America!  GO DODGER BLUE!!
I second that, Robert.  Although not as great as the beautiful Northwest,
LA is a good place.  The only time I felt fear there was during the riots
when columns of smoke were rising all around and racial tensions were so
very high.  The presence of the Dodgers does offset most negative things
about the city. It is a good place to live, and I'm moving back there
myself next month. BTW, how many Rushtalkers reside in the City of Angels?
We should stage a peaceful gathering at Dodger Stadium!   Kate

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