Where y'all at??

Edwin G. Jones edjones at CALLAMER.COM
Tue Jul 25 10:03:36 MDT 1995

Well, Sam. I guess you really did it with your sea story. Looks like you ran
everyone off. Guess nobody could top that one!
Seriously, though, I have just picked up on a rumor that the London
Telegraph reports that the14 year old girl who testified before congress
about having been molested, had never even been in the compound. I just
browsed todays issue of the Electronic Telegraph and found nothing about it.
Does anyone know anything about this?  If this is true, it will really
destroy the credibility of not only the FBI and the ATF, but also the
democRAT congresspersons on the panel.
>To all:
>Where is everybody? I reported to my unix amin that e-mail must be
>down today.  She says not.
>Gee whiz, tell a little sea story and everybody goes home.
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