Clipper chips and me

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Tue Jul 25 15:38:33 MDT 1995

DP,JR writes:
> Well, I'm here just sitting back and listening.  Since nobody is saying
> anything, I guess I will.  Has anyone heard about the computer chip the
> government want to put in everyones computer?  This chip is designed so
> E-mail can't be coded and the government can read it if they want.
>  Appearntly the government is mad because people scramble their messages and
> they can't read them.
> --------------------------------
> Dennis Putnam, JR.
Yeah, gubment is upset about anything we do that they don't control. The
supreme court final ruled that "interstate commerce" does not mean every
single thing and act an American has or does.  Thank God.
The clipper chip is exactly what you say it is.  When it becomes law, they
will sample the bit stream to find any that don't have the clipper id
embedded into the data.  Well, I don't really care.  First, I encrypt(sp)
my supper-dupper top secret messages in PGP using a key about thirty char.
long, then encrypt in clipper.  My message will not be noticed in the bit
stream, AND will be protected from snoops as well.  PGP
(Pretty good Protection)  is a share ware product that gives us basically
the same ability to encrypt text as the gubment.
Sam Teel

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