The Waco Hearings

Edwin G. Jones edjones at CALLAMER.COM
Tue Jul 25 18:28:29 MDT 1995

I posted it. My wife said she heard it on an hourly national news program
this morning. I don't know which network it was.
What is the Repub-L list? Sounds like it might be something I would like.
>I have been talking with a couple of folks on the Repub-L list about the
>Waco hearings.  One is interested in the precise origin of the London
>Telegraph rumor about the 14 year old who purportedly wasn't at the Mount
>Carmel compound.  If the list member who posted it, (apologies, but I have
>deleted the message due to our system administrators demands that we keep a
>clean server, and I didn't commit the name to memory) could fill us in
>further, we would both appreciate it very much.
>Steve Laib
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