I'm new in town...

Willaim Thurber - PhD Student thurber at FMGMT.MGMT.UTORONTO.CA
Tue Jul 25 23:13:05 MDT 1995

Some late night browsing found this list and I wanted to say that I found
the level of conversation to be freshingly more intelligent, with very few
exceptions, than your name sake has ever been.  I look forward to
conversing with you and challenging some of the more confusing tenets of
conservatism.  Maybe we could start with "If in the free market of ideas
the truth will always win, why do we need government to tell us what to
consume (ie No Drugs), who to marry (ie no homosexuality), and what to do
with our bodies (ie no abortion), what to read (ie no porn), and
who to pray to (ie school prayer\state sponsored religion)?

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