Welcome Will

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Wed Jul 26 06:57:47 MDT 1995

Welcome aboard Will.
I look forward to discussing the listed topics and
others as well.
> Some late night browsing found this list and I wanted to say that I found
> the level of conversation to be freshingly more intelligent, with very few
> exceptions, than your name sake has ever been.
Which parts of Rush do you consider unintelligent?  As you know we hardly
ever talk about  Rush.
> I look forward to
> conversing with you and challenging some of the more confusing tenets of
> conservatism.  Maybe we could start with "If in the free market of ideas
> the truth will always win, why do we need government to tell us what to
I'm not sure that's true.  Sometimes bad people and liers win.  I think your
point goes more to the issue of law than it's enforcer.  Laws are public
statements of what a culture believes to acceptable behavior.  It follows
that they are also statements of what the culture believes should be the
punishment for unacceptable behavior.  We have a bunch of really hard laws
but the liberal, feel-good, nobody is responsible types have made a mockery
of them and us. (us as the citizens of the US)
> consume (ie No Drugs),
People use drugs every day, cafeine, nicotine, pain relievers.  We just say
no to SOME drugs.
> who to marry (ie no homosexuality),
Laws reflect the values of the culture.  Most people do not find the homo-
sexual life style one they want to embrace. (so to speak)
>and what to do with our bodies (ie no abortion),
If I take MY hand, which is part of my body- it has my DNA- and use it to
tear your body -it has YOUR DNA- limb from limb, I have committed a crime.
You see my point; it's more than "our bodies."
> what to read (ie no porn)
To my knowledge, it is not illegal to read pornographic material.  Law and
the government allow whatever is considered the local standard.  This is good.
I don't want folks in California or wherever, to tell us in Florida what to
watch.  It's a local matter.
> who to pray to (ie school prayer\state sponsored religion)?
Here I think gubment has really messed up.  The state sponsored religion is
New Age/Old Eastern and is pushed on our kids endlessly.  "OK class,  close
your eyes and envision your spirit guide in your minds eye" type thing.  In
my daughters class, witchcraft can be used in a play, but not Christainity.
As school started last year, the principal held a parents info day.
When I asked if she supported the "seperation of church and state"
she thought I was a liberal.  She got a big smile on her face and said, "Yes,
of course we do, and we support the "goals 2000" laws as well."  I asked her
if the use of witchcraft in class plays fell into those areas, she replied
"That's not the kind of topic I can discuss in this forum, make an appointment
with my assistant and we can provide the specific infomation you need."
Yeah, right.
> --Will
Well, Will,  I hope thats good for a little chew.  I've got to go to Ft. Meyers
today, so I will not see your resonse until tomorrow.
Again, Welcome aboard.
Sam Teel

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