Clipper chips and me

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Wed Jul 26 11:55:13 MDT 1995

Close - What they are doing is putting an "official drunk driver" on
the hiway so that they have a model to go by! And, yes, it's probably
Kennedy.  heh heh
>From: "Dennis Putnam,Jr."  <RPSGT at>
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>Subject: Re: Clipper chips and me
>Date: Wednesday, July 26, 1995 11:55AM
>In a message dated 95-07-25 21:44:44 EDT, you write:
>>This would apply to compressed data (ZIP files, StuffIt files, etc.) as
>>well as encrypted data.
>Are you serious???  This would apply to ZIP files as well?  This goes to show
>the government has no idea what they are talking about.  Who was it that said
>they need to keep drunk drivers off the Computer Superhighway?  I think it
>was Ted Kennedy.
>Dennis Putnam, JR.

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