I'm new in town...

Frank Peep fpeep at MICROSOFT.COM
Wed Jul 26 11:56:36 MDT 1995

Katy, where is your orchard. We can drop over the pass from Bellevue
and grab some when the harvest is on this fall.
>From: Katy Knudson  <knudsonk at DESTINY.ESD105.WEDNET.EDU>
>To: Multiple recipients of list RUSHTALK  <RUSHTALK at athena.csdco.com>
>Subject: Re: I'm new in town...
>Date: Wednesday, July 26, 1995 8:50AM
>Welcome, Will!  We're glad to have you!  You'll find this a very
>enjoyable group.  Tell us a little about yourself!
>Martha Knudson
>Washington State apple orchardist
>   Eat lots of them...they're good for you ;)

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