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>I guess I'll have to reiterate.
I am glad to hear that Miles.  But your previous posts left me with the idea
that you
think abortions are necessary evils.  You said that you would allow 1 per
person.  If you
think it is wrong how can this be?
>Which raises another issue. If the religious right is in fact 'religous'
>doesn't the Bible say that those who live in sin shall not be judged by man,
>but instead be judged by _od. Didn't Jesus say something to the effect of
>he/she who is without sin shall he/she cast the first stone (This opens up an
>intersting can of worms).
The N.T. does not say that we are not to point out that sin in wrong.  We
are not to judge as
if we were God.  We have examples all throughout the N.T. that show us that
it is right to point
out wrong doings and try to persuade the person doing wrong to turn from
that wrong.  I would
be glad to discuss the Biblical implications of this issue with you if you
would like, I know the Bible
quite well.
>There is so much emphasis on this lists, unecessarily IMHO, about abortions
>being right or wrong. I don't know why especially given the fact that no one
>has stated that abortions are okay. What gives?
There is a wishy/washy type attitude out there Miles.  Even in your previous
posts you said that you
would allow 1 per person (were it all up to you).  Quite a few individuals
just will not put abortion into
the correct perspective because they cannot get past the "It affects more
than one person" idea.  Well
it affects more than one person when an abortion is performed also.  I was
glad to see you come out and
state it flatly with no conditions involved.
>If abortions are to be outlawed on the basis of doing what's right let's not
>stop there. Let's outlaw premarital sex, lying, cheating, polluting the
>environment etc.
Are these on the same plane with killing?  I know that the N.T. says that
all unrighteousness is sin, is
this the idea behind this?  Physically though, these should be morally
self-policed actions.  Whereas abortion
is actually taking a life.  There is a difference.
Again, I'm not condoning abortions, simply, putting the issue
>in perspective.
I have not yet had a chance to respond to one of your previous posts.  I
have had a routing problem
to one of my subnets that I had to deal with and am sorry I could not answer.
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