Big Congrats Robert!

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Jun 1 03:34:45 MDT 1995

Cindy writes:
>With all the intense discussion going on I thought I'd post something
>little on the lighter side.  Also, Robert deserves it.  A hugerific,
>big giant CONGRATULATIONS! on successfully obtaining your college
>I'm very happy for you and wish you much success throughout your life,
>although after reading all your posts on this list, I have no doubts
>your climbing the ladder of success and reaching the top.
Well, THANK YOU Cindy for those kind words!  I sincerely appreciate it!
 Also thanks to Papa Paul and Frank Peep for your ditto-ing congrats!
I tell you, it feels SO much better now that I'm through!  Now I have
six months to repay my student loans of which all of you have been
subsiding the interest on! :)  I do thank you all for paying your
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       Las Vegas, NV                  San Francisco State Alumni 1995
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   NL West Standings 6-1-95, 2:28am PST
   I'll start to post this when MY DODGERS are winning again!
   It's just too depressing right now!

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