When Is It Murder?

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Thu Jun 1 03:51:00 MDT 1995

Bruce brought up a point in a response to Miles when he stated that
"life begins at conception."
Here in Nevada recently, the state Supreme Court ruled that an
individual who had murdered a pregnant woman could only be charge with
one count of murder ALTHOUGH the State recognizes that life begins
after the first tri-mester (concerning abortion).  The case is now
being appealed to the District Courts, where it will no doubt be
overturned.  How does everyone feel on this issue?
If a woman DECIDES to keep her baby (at any time) then if someone kills
her and her unborn fetus, they should be charged with two counts of
murder.  If someone assaults the woman or somehow causes the woman to
have a miscarriage, that person should be charged with murder or
manslaughter.  It seems, however, that in many cases throughout the
country that the additional charge is NOT being brought on the
defendant!  Am I wrong?  What do you all think?
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