Thu Jun 1 07:44:49 MDT 1995

From: "Jim V. Hall" <hallj at NEXUS.MWSU.EDU>
>I am glad to hear that Miles.  But your previous posts left me with the idea
>that you think abortions are necessary evils.  You said that you would allow
>1 per person.  If you think it is wrong how can this be?
You don't see me participating in demonstrations to ban cheating or lying
either. Lost of things are wrong with what people do whether it's just imoral
or non-judeo-christian.
>We have examples all throughout the N.T. that
>show us that it is right to point out wrong doings and try to persuade the
>person doing wrong to turn from that wrong.  I would be glad to discuss the
>Biblical implications of this issue with you if you would like, I know the
>Bible quite well.
Well then, would forcing someone to do something they may not want to,
go further than simple pursusion?
>There is a wishy/washy type attitude out there Miles.  Even in your previous
>posts you said that you
>would allow 1 per person (were it all up to you).
If I did not mention it, this idea was ac ompromise between pro-choice and
pro-life - a possible compromise both side could live with. I do not think that
abortion on demand or banning it all together would be a feasible or even
realistic resolution on the matter in this country.
 >If abortions are to be outlawed on the basis of doing what's right let's not
>stop there. Let's outlaw premarital sex, lying, cheating, polluting the
>environment etc.
Are these on the same plane with killing?  I know that the N.T. says that
all unrighteousness is sin, is
this the idea behind this?
Absolutely. I introduced the Bible in this issue because there was much talk
about right and wrong. The Bible can provide a meaning or guidlines for right
and wrong. Since most of us can agree on the Bible is a testament for right and
wrong I choose also to use it to prove that we have no right to force someone to
follow our own path to righteousness - laws banning abortions.
>Physically though, these should be morally self-policed actions.  Whereas
>abortion is actually taking a life.  There is a difference.
Then where in the Bible does it state that as an exception?

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