Thu Jun 1 08:01:17 MDT 1995

To Dennis:
Sorry to frustrate you. Sorry I've not debated my points on your terms. Not all
the time can points be made with "logical facts" as wish. We are not computers
that make disicions based on FACTS. What FACTS can I put forth to make the
argument for pro-choice? How can this be done?
If everything were just a "matter of facts" to be considered, we'd have very
few problems on this earth. I believe you're trying to oversimplify a very
complicated and emotional problem for which there are subjective methods for
it's resolution.
By bringing up other wrongs that are not against the law (i.e. I can lie to my
lawyer, friends etc without fear or cheat on my wife/girlfriend if I desire)
I've attempted to demonstrate that right or wrong doesn't seen to me to be a
good reason to force someone into doing what they'd rather not.
If you say, because it's murder, then I'd agree with that argument. But simple
right and wrong for me atleast do not warrant force. That's our creators role.

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