Abortion: How about a wom...

Thu Jun 1 08:17:51 MDT 1995

To Bruce and others (what's up dude?)
>        Miles, why is it unwarranted? If people firmly believe in one
>cause or another, it does no good for their cause for them to not ex-
>press themselves tenaciously.
If I am participating in a debate about whether or not the earth is round, I'm
not going to put forth an argument proving the existence of gravity. Abortions
are wrong and I just can't understand why that seems to be the focus of so many
posts when no one has put forth an argument in opposion. I think that's
slightly illogical especially in a forum where proper debating methods are so
highly regarded.
>They're performed because people don't want to take responsibility for their
>        Am I being harsh in saying this? Perhaps. But reality is harsh.
I don't think you're being harsh at all. I believe your exactly right.
>        No, Miles -- the issue is whether or not a woman has the right
>to murder the baby she's carrying. I say no. What do you say?
Well, perhaps you've read my proclaimation on abortion by now to answer your
question here.
I still can't understand for the life of me why everyone is still yelling about
how abortions are wrong. I'll not be responding to anymore posts regarding
abortions being wrong until someone says they're okay. I'm sure that'll please
most of you.

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