Thu Jun 1 13:53:54 MDT 1995

TO Jim:
(This was the only part of your reply which did not further support the idea
that abortions are wrong which I agree with and still have yet to read an
opposition to.)
>The Bible is the source for quite a few of our laws Miles.  Why don't we, by
>your standard, make
>it legal to steal, and commit murder because it would be wrong for us to
>legislate these things.
>The laws banning these activities come straight from the truth of the word
>of God.  Are you for
>repealing these laws?
>I would love to talk book, chapter, and verse with you off list. If you wish
>to do so let me know.
Differnce being, and I'm NOT saying that it justifies abortions, is that by
not stealing, lying, cheating, no one is affected or hurt. By telling a woman
not to have an abortion you're asking her to suffer things that she morally
should, but would prefer not to, whether it be being kicked out of her parents
home or a more simple form of inconvenience.
It is this difference between laws against stealing, murder etc and a law
banning abortions which makes your argument less invalid. I for one could just
never make a woman have a baby she did not want.

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