Miles Runs Away from the Debate

Thu Jun 1 15:04:45 MDT 1995

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>To Dennis:
>Sometimes, Dennis, people use what they call analogies to suggest
>relationaships between two things. If I say Clinton is to Washington, what a
>clown is to a circus, I'd expect not to have to define what a clown's role is
>in Washington or what a circus has to do with either Clinton or Washington.
>In the future when using analogies, I'll be sure to let you know.
>Sorry for the confusion.
>If your still confused.
>(Convervative views about liberals) is to (not think for ourselves)
>as (Liberal views about conservatives) is to (conservatives hating kids)
I guess maybe the light is beginning to go on. But even for an analogy
to make sense it has to based on some truth. The first part is false as it
is liberals that think everyone outside the beltway is incapable of thinking
for themselves. The second part is also wrong in that it is only liberals
inside the beltway and media that use that approach and even they know it is
not true, but use it anyway to further their agenda. There are some liberals
that are thinking people and admit they are liberal. George McGovern is
an example of one. He does not hide the fact he is liberal (like Clinton
does) and can debate on an intellectual level. I totally disagree with
him but I respect his honesty and believe he really believes in what he
says (again unlike Clinton).
>This analogy is neither true or false. It is what I believe and have observed -
>overdramatizations to define the opposition in a negative way, which both sides
>do all too often. Get it.
>Ideas CAN be expressed without the presentaion of facts.
Ideas yes, justifying a position in a debate, no.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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