Response to James

- AptMaster at AOL.COM
Thu Jun 1 16:19:15 MDT 1995

James wrote:
>    Well, well.  I think we're a little touchy about this subject.  I
>predicted the exact response, now I just have to wait for one of your
>buddies in this state to come looking for me.
You must be a prophet!
>    The point of the matter is this.  No matter how you twist >something
>around and no matter how many things you quote, the point is you >are
?against the United States government.
I recall you stating quite adamantly that you didn't like Bill Clinton.  That
is pretty mutinous coming from someon UNDER HIS COMMAND!  So where does that
leave you?  Mired in hypocracy.
?What system do you wish ?to
?impose.  The Sam Teal democracy?  From the way you write, yours ?is the
?only way Sam.
Sounds great!  The Sam TEEL Republic.  Note that we are not a Democracy as
many have pointed out to you.  Have you not found that library book yet?
?If your way is imposed and people oppose you, do ?you
?intend on eliminating them?  I can go to China for that right now if I
?    I'm not the one going into the woods and preparing for ?"doomsday"
?Sam, so therefore as ignorant as I am, I am not the one who has to ?prove
?my stance on things.  I am not the one who lashed out like you did ?to an
?attack.  Is that the way you view all people who oppose you?  Then ?you
?sir, are a dictator, not a patriot.
I am confused.  Now Sam attacked himself?  You are ignorant.
?    I was warned about writing what I did the first time.  I was told
?that it's not uncommon for militiaboys to come after people who ?oppose
?them, but this is one man who will not be silenced by fear.  If my ?mere
?words scare you and anger you that much....then I must be on to ?the truth.
Sir, you attacked his character NOT his beliefs and THAT is where you went
wrong!  I am not a "militaboy" and I am not going to hunt you down and kill
you, you sir, are not worth that.  I am, however, one of the many you
insulted.  I am also, one who is on this list for discussion of political
topics, not name-calling or innuendo.  You, Sir, would be well advised to
study the issues more and speak less until you know what you are talking
about.  You clearly do not know the constitution and the founding fathers
position on militias or anything else for that matter.
When you have something of substance to write, feel free, but if you are
intent on slamming a good, decent and a hell of a lot more patriotic than you
person, it's time for you to sign off.

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