Miles Runs Away from the Debate

Paul Wybrant JulyFour at AOL.COM
Thu Jun 1 16:21:40 MDT 1995

Miles wrote:
Are you <Dennis> saying that there are no cuts that will affect
programs for kids being put forth by the republicans?
 I'll say that I heard for example about a proposal to "cut back"
on funding (is that a better way to put it?) for school lunches.
Yes, I heard about a NY (I think) lunch program that
had spoiled food that had been stored for TWO years.
Obviously, they did not know about  inventory control
and cycle time and so forth.  Or just did not care
since there is an unending flow of milk from the Guv'ment
nipple.   I bet that any business process expert worth
his/her salt could cut 20% out of these programs and
still improve service (AFTER the Repubs finish with their
"mean-spirited cuts").
Oh, hell, I am going to go out and drive the freeways
for a while,,,,,,
Regards, PapaPaul

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