Some Don't Quite Agree

Robert Ostrea raostrea at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Jun 2 01:38:37 MDT 1995

Steve Moyer writes:
>Paul,   YOu might consider that a PRIVATE message is not supposed to
>be distributed on a LISTSERV.  Has anyone ever told you that you are
>a "jerk?"
>I'm signing off this list.  Please DON'T mail me again.
Hey Steve it seems YOU'RE the one who's the jerk!  When someone posts a
message or a response to the LIST, it is meant for EVERYONE on the list
as a discussion point.  Responses should almost always be posted BACK
ON THE LIST.  I read your response to Paul and it didn't have anything
PERSONAL or PRIVATE or IRRELEVANT in it and you should have posted it
to the LIST.
I would also recommend in the future that any private messages be
labelled as such as to not confuse anyone.  Is this really so hard?!
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