Dr. Foster Screws Up Again!

Stephen A Frye safrye at CCGATE.DP.BECKMAN.COM
Fri Jun 2 09:07:37 MDT 1995

Robert writes :-
Abortion is ABSOLUTELY acceptable under these circumstances, Steve.  In this
case, the woman did NOT have the ability to make a choice concerning sex, rather
it was FORCED on her.  No woman should be FORCED to keep a child that was
created by violence and noncompliance....
This post - yours - has demonstrated exactly what I have been trying to elicit
from this group.  One person just posted that even under the circumstances of
rape, abortion is wrong.  You state that it is "ABSOLUTELY" acceptable.
The net result here, is that not even all conservatives can agree amongst
ourselves.  If WE can't agree, how in the world will we get the whole country to
work towards an agreement?
Yes, I get VERY emotional over this issue - as with a lot of other issues.  We
all do.
>In this same newsgroup, where abortion has been vehemently criticized,
>there are those who have stated they would *kill* for revenge if a
>loved one was raped.  To me, that is an emotional reaction.  So, yes,
>do use the word "emotional", and I chose it carefully.
I agree with you here, Steve, but I don't recall making that, or a
similarly "emotional" statement, when responding to your earlier
>It seems that every time I, or others on this list, confront your
>position on this issue,
Interesting.  I've never stated my position.  I have provoked a lot of
responses, however, and all of them provide a lot of food for thought.
As I stated above, even within this conservative newsgroup, the opinions
are not universal.  I tend to think most closely along the lines of your
position, though I am not quite as sure of myself yet.  I used to be.  I
used to be very hardened about abortion, but as the position of abortion
being acceptable in the case of rape, it is evident that it *IS* a gray
area to some, me included.  Because I do not believe in the absolute yes
or no on this issue, I often feel overwhelmed when this issue
overshadows so many political agendas, while there are so many others
that should be addressed and considered as well - not in lieu of.
>Can't you see the side of those with "emotions" Steve?  I think that
>we can have a sound argument on this and other issues, even if
>"emotions" are involved.  If someone had a close family member killed
>by a gang member and speaks out against the rapidly increasing
>incidents of violence in his neighborhood, would you consider that
>person "emotional" and discard his opinions?  That is what you SEEM to
>be doing with the issue of abortion.
Again, didn't you make an assumption here about my position?
Steve Frye

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