Rep. cutting programs

Fri Jun 2 08:52:49 MDT 1995

Darin writes:
~Cut funding now?  Hmmm, exactly what was cut then?  If you are living in a
~baseline budgeting world then I understand.  But if you are living in the
~REAL world you are still off base.  So, Sir, please name those programs for
~kids that are being cut?
Well, I am a bit upset by the fact that no one cared to comment or discuss my
intended point. No one even asked me to clarify what I was attempting to point
out. Instead, every seems to be placing the emphasis in an exapmle I've used in
the analogy.
Fine. Since my original point was ignored, I don't see any reason why I should
respond to the qustion of _programs being cut_ or as I have revised _funding
for programs which affect children being cut_.
I personally believe that some are being a bit defensive. I should have used
another example in the analogy to make my point about the rediculous
characterizations libers and conservatives make of each other.

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