Miles Runs Away from the Debate

Fri Jun 2 09:20:17 MDT 1995

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>Before you [Dennis] read further, I'd like to say that I really wish you
>[Dennis] could have grasped the idea I was suggesting prior. The following has
>little to do with my original point.
>Are you saying that there are no cuts that will affect programs for kids being
>put forth by the republicans?
Yes, that is exactly what I am saying. Finally you get it, welcome aboard.
>If so, that's news to me. I must live on a different planet (ha, ha). I'll
>have to look into this further...or perhaps you can inform me of the source or
>my confusion. I'll say that I heard for example about a proposal to "cut back"
>on funding (is that a better way to put it?) for school lunches. I could be
>wrong, I suppose *scratching head with a confused look on face*.
I can see why you are confused so I'll try to give you a little math
lesson. The Republicans proposed a 4.5% INCREASE in the amount budgeted
for school lunches. That means 4.5% MORE will be spent and more means an
increase NOT a CUT. The Democrats proposed a 3.2% INCREASE and again this
is MORE not less the what is being spent today. However, 4.5% is GREATER
than 3.2% therefore the Republicans are proposing a BIGGER INCREASE than
the Democrats. Using the convoluted logic of the Democrats one could say
it is the Democrats that want to cut school lunch programs over what the
Republicans proposed. I hope that is clear now: 4.5% is greater than
3.2% and and increase is not a cut.
>I bet you're glad, Dennis that you've successfully ignored my original point
>and have persuades me to discuss what you want me to discuss.
I didn't ignore your original point, I just questioned it by asking you to
provided evidence to support the premise on which you based your assertion.
That is a basic building block of debate. Support your statements by
presentation of irefutable facts.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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