Fri Jun 2 12:12:19 MDT 1995

Dennis Putnam says:
~I will agree as soon as you explain how one compromises on murder.
In the same manner that we compromise on all the other things we let happen
that are wrong. It will just take more effort because of the severity of the
act. I hope that helps.
Furthermore Dennis, for every thing that you say that aposes a compomise, the
same can be said in favor of pro-choice -"How can one compromise on the freedom
to do with their own bodies what they wish." Regardless if you agree with the
onus of the body perse, point being is that the opposition feels just as
strongly about it as you do. Thus making copromise the only reasonable choice.
No, I take that back. A compromise with measures to regain the loss of moral
fiber that has eroded our sexual and family values.\

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