Agent Provocateur ?

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri Jun 2 14:04:24 MDT 1995

        Sam Teel, & others:
>Still, I think he bears watching. (as disgusting as it is)
        I think Reese certainly bears watching. But I don't plan on re-
sponding to him any further. He doesn't deserve it.
>My and my opinions alone. James Reese is still a coward and liar.
        I'll second that -- & I don't even have a secret decoder ring.
Libertarian, pagan, pot-smoker, patriot -- DON'T TREAD ON ME!
Support Your Constitutional Rights! Join The N.R.A.!
madtom at
PS: Robert, don't take my attacks on Reese to mean I think of you the
same way, even though we've clashed on gun control before. You haven't
ever gotten personal or resorted to low-blow attacks like he has; I'll
respect your views, even if I vociferously disagree with you at times.

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