What have we gotten ourselves into??

Anthony Stapleton ASTAPLE at AOL.COM
Sun Jun 4 03:10:43 MDT 1995

In a message dated 95-06-03 13:57:59 EDT, Mr. Jones wrote:
>Well, now that we have lost an F-16 under UN command, what are we
>going to
>do now? I heard a couple excerpts from Slick's Saturday morning radio
>address and, as usual, he was talking out of both sides of his mouth.
>One would have thought that we would have learned lessons from Viet
>Somalia, and Kuwait. If you place a military presence in an area,
>that you: 1 - have a clear objective; 2 - insert the troops necessary
>to do
>the job; 3 - provide the equipment necessary to do the job; 4 - give
>the authority and latitude (within clear, reasonable limits) to do
>the job.
>We followed all these in Kuwait and accomplished the mission with a
>loss of life and equipment. We followed very few (if any) of them in
>Nam, and Somalia and in both cases, the results were disaster!
I find the entire Serbian "conflict" interesting and somewhat "scarey".  I'm
not a big history buff, but if my memory serves me correctly there was a
World War which began with a Serbian group called The White Hand (I think)
assasinating Archduke Ferdinand.  This conflict is Serbian--regardless of
religious affiliations or whatever moniker or label groups of Serbs have
adopted.  I fear that this seemingly insignificant conflict could once again
flair into another world war.  Far fetched?  I hope so.
Pres. Clinton's lack of direction on this issue is embarassing and
potentially devastating.  The U.N. is clearly unable to deal with the
situation.  Our President is clearly unclear on the situation.
I realize that these thoughts are somewhat rambling, but I solicit an
historical analysis of this conflict and any possible solutions short of
either a) get out of Dodge and let 'em fight it out amongst themselves or b)
a full scale kick butt and take names.

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