What have we gotten ourselves into??

Sun Jun 4 15:25:21 MDT 1995

>Date: Sun, 04 Jun 1995 05:10:43 -0400
>From: ASTAPLE at aol.com
>Subject: Re: What have we gotten ourselves into??
>I find the entire Serbian "conflict" interesting and somewhat "scarey".  I'm
>not a big history buff, but if my memory serves me correctly there was a
>World War which began with a Serbian group called The White Hand (I think)
>assasinating Archduke Ferdinand.
        I'll take "Serbian Conflict" for $200, Alex.  What were
        World War I and The Black Hand Society?
>                                  This conflict is Serbian--regardless of
>religious affiliations or whatever moniker or label groups of Serbs have
>adopted.  I fear that this seemingly insignificant conflict could once again
>flair into another world war.  Far fetched?  I hope so.
        Not so much a religious "affair" as it is a political one,
        with one group of Serbians retaining its ages old political
        ties with remnants of the Ottoman Empire and the other group
        of Serbians who retained ties with more Western affiliations.
        It being a Serbian conflict is true.  Too bad others in the
        immediate vicinity (Croats, &c.) have been drawn in.
>>Pres. Clinton's lack of direction on this issue is embarassing and
>potentially devastating.  The U.N. is clearly unable to deal with the
>situation.  Our President is clearly unclear on the situation.
        The chapter on foreign diplomacy is missing out of his
        "How to be an Effective President" handbook!  (His copy,
        however, has a reprint of the chapter on campaigning in
        its place, so the total number of pages in his handbook
        is the same as that of any other president.  That's close
        enough for government work!)  ;-D
>I realize that these thoughts are somewhat rambling, but I solicit an
>historical analysis of this conflict and any possible solutions short of
>either a) get out of Dodge and let 'em fight it out amongst themselves or b)
>a full scale kick butt and take names.
        There is no opportunity for some United Nations humanitarian
        or peacemaker award (with someone like Jimmy Carter in mind)
        if option "a" is selected.
        The "world" tried option "b" in the early part of this century.
        It was called "The War to End All Wars."
        The only solution to this problem that is found in history is
        a bit of iron-fisted rule a la Tito!

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