Rep. cutting programs

Sun Jun 4 18:04:24 MDT 1995

Rober claims:
>In other words, you CAN't answer the question, because you realize that
>NO programs are being cut.  I see....
Not at all. I could care less, in this forum at this time, whether or not
Republicans are or are not cutting programs for kids. As far as I know it's
only the funding for certain programs - I have already conceded to the error
that I made in my phraseology (cutting programs v cutting funding)
I wish you'd all get off of my case.
If republicans are even creating programs, fine whatever, I really didn't
intend to debate this.
You guys are getting rediculous.
It would be appreciated next time if you will inform me that you want to
debate a certain issue insteading of dragging me into one.

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