James "The Patriot" Reese

Sun Jun 4 18:37:52 MDT 1995

Edwin G. Jones writes
>I just retrieved the May RushTalk summaries because I missed about a week of
>activity when my address didn't make the transfer to the new server. I read
>the postings of Mr. Reese. Although I did not agree with some of what he
>said, he was quite reasonable in his writings. Then, suddenly, without
>warning, and apparently without provocation, on 29 May, he viciously attacks
>Sam Teel. Does anyone know what brought this on? It seemed to be totally
>unrelated to anything currently under discussion!!
I personally got the feeling that he was upset at the fact the one of the
member in the discussion was involved in the militia. I believe that he was
venting his frustration at the fact that Sam, I belive, is among many men and
women in this country who aspire to protect the constiutional rights of
citizens. Some of who would rather not be protected by the self proclaimed
Granted, the guy is an asshole but wouldn't it be more stimulating
intellectually to try and understand his rage rather than jumpin' aboard the
let's slam this guy bandwagon. Just a suggestion.
Deep thoughts:
It would seem to me that this lists by nature of the title is a forum for
political discussion. Political as in the science of government. Government
governing the people which it represents. It seems to me that it would be much
more beneficial to understand than to bash. Bashing, I believe, sets an example
that people can be disrespected on the basis of an opinion. OR as in this case,
Bashing can be justified when in revenge. I believe, Jesus
has set an example for us here. It's much more beneficial for all of us if we
try to reason with, ignore or better still to try to understand where an
unpleasant person like...what was his name?...is coming from.
I will of course concede that the idea of an eye for an eye might be a better
rule for social interactions.

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