Dole Bananas

Wed Jun 7 11:48:07 MDT 1995

In-Reply-To:  MadTom AT IX.NETCOM.COM -- Tue, 6 Jun 1995 21:20:57 -0700
>        No, he's casting shame on the parts of Hollywood that he doesn't
>like. I'll never forget the country-western song I heard once. It was
>something like *I Like My Women Just a Tad on the Trashy Side". Family
>values for you! Funny, how the Bob-guy doesn't see fit to mention that
>little piece of tripe
Lighten up Bruce. That song by Confederate Railroad, was satire and if
you saw the video could see it was done with a smile. I think their
definition of 'trashy' is much different than you imply. To put that in the
same cagegory as Ice T's "Cop Killer," which was done in anger and with
vitrol is nonesense. I'm not particularily happy with Dole either but to
condemn him for not mentioning thousands of unacceptable movies and lyrics
instead of the worst few doesn't make sense. I think you are so anti-Dole
you are willing to bash him over nothing. I think you are better than this
kind of argument which is the type of carping I'd expect from Clinton's
bunch. Just because Dole said it, doesn't automatically make it false and
you admitted you agreed with some of what he said.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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