Global Income Tax

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Thu Jun 8 23:57:04 MDT 1995

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>What, pray tell, will THIS < Global > tax be for if implemented?
>                Cindy B. (sick and tired of feeling like Mr. Atlas)
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The word they used, as I recall, was "development".  I assume it
would be used for that old dream of "re-distribution of wealth".  Wouldn't
it be fun to have all that money and be able to spend it on World-Saving
BTW, I had a nightmare last night of being allowed to view the new World
Tax Code.  The Guv'ment Custodian Of Tax Code proudly ushered me up and down
the miles and miles of book shelves.  At the end of the tour, tho, he
said, "This is building 17.  We can get to the others anytime you like."
Hugs, Lady Atlas !!!
Regards, PapaPaul

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