Dole Does Hollywood

- AptMaster at AOL.COM
Fri Jun 9 15:21:16 MDT 1995

Miles writes:----------------------------
>It's obvious to me that when children are given a choice between >right or
>they will choose right when given a feasible alternative. Of course >this
>doesn't hold true in every single case but I feel that we as a nation, >not
>gov't should do more to give kids an alternative to life in the streets.
>way, we can minimize the effect that Hollywood has on our nations >children.
Miles you are somewhat right.  An "alternative to life in the streets"
should be given first by their parents!  Second by their relatives, third by
their friends parents (neighbors), fourth their religion , & etc. on down.
 Government should be last.
In fact government has been the cause of this decline.  They propogate single
parent families through the welfare system.  They also encourage under 18
year old girls to move out when they have kids and raise them as single
parents.  All of this and much more in the name of HELPING!  Go figure.  I
think people like the government to play this role so that they can absolve
themselves of individual responsibility.  We have the responsibility to take
care of our poor etc.  WE, not the government.  And this is best done by US,
individuals, and by our churches and synagoges, etc.  Private organizations
have been much more effective at doing this than the government has.  IF you
want I'll give you lots of examples of people helped through churches to back
this up.
I am just sick and tired of these stupid so called "advocates of the pooooor"
 who gauge the nature fo the success on how much money is thrown at the
problem.  Success is not gauged in any other way, is it?!
It's time to end welfare once and for all!  Tough love it is but it works.
Their is no happiness in being on the welfare role.  Happiness can be gained
even at minimum wage, I've seen it!  I don't mind helping those temporarily
out of work with government monies.  They paid taxes after all, they deserve
some help.  But the help should be short and effective.  South Africa does
not have welfare but they do have unemployment benefits.  Those benefits are
set and will not last any longer than your previous employment did.  Sounds
good to me.

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