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>        Papa Paul:
>(... 3 lines deleted)
>        You know, I don't understand where people get the idea that I'm
>demanding he enumerate all Repulican Hollywooders. I never said anything
>of the sort. I said that I find it suspicious that he didn't mention a
>single one. In fact, as I understand it, he PRAISED *True Lies*, made by
>Schwarzenegger, as a "money-making family film".
I don't think he exactly praised it as a "family film." However, Rush
covered this topic and explained the diffrence between Schwarzenegger
films and the type Dole was critizing. If you have seen them then you know
that Arnie's films consists of the traditional struggle between good
and evil, and the evil characters eventually get their just rewards. What
Dole was talking about was films like "Born Killers" where there are no
good guys and the movie attempts to glorify the evil characters of the
film and blames society, or their parents or whatever so as to imply
that somehow they are justified in their henous acts of violence. There is
a big difference between the two.
>        I also said that, had Dole criticized anything made by GOP stal-
>warts like Schwarzenegger, or Stallone, I wouldn't be criticizing him. I
>agree with him on his basic premise, that Hollywood needs to voluntarily
>clean up it's act. I agree with him that government censorship is not
>the answer.
>        But I still think that his speech was motivated by nothing more
>than cynical politics. I don't believe he was attacking filth in the en-
>tertainment industry, so much as issuing a subtle attack on Gramm & Wil-
>son, while attempting to gain support from the Christian Right. That's
>all I said. Why is it that no-one seems to have heard that?????
>        I didn't say he was. In fact, it seems to be the Democraps who
>are more apt to talk censorship, than the GOP... or, at least, that's
>what I'm seeing in the media.
>        & yes, I do find it interesting that the media isn't attacking
>those Democraps who are talking censorship. It's sheer hypocracy, & no-
>thing more.
I agree that it is politics but I can't see any cynicism. I'm glad you
included the words, "I believe," indicating an opinion so we can agree
to disagree.
>        It got an audience, a few years back. Dan Quayle got pilloried
>by the media for attacking *Murphy Brown*. Like Darin said -- where was
As I recall he did make statements defending Quayle but at that time he
was only Senate minority leader and the media didn't care what he said so
it received no coverage. Before you ask, no I can't provide a source other
than my faulty memory, so I will allow for the possiblity that I am
mistaken. However, even if he had I am sure no one would have noticed.
>        It's had a national debate for some time now. I find it rather
>odd, though, that people are wringing their hands over all this trash in
>our entertainment -- but those trashy movies & lyrics are selling like
>hot-cakes, regardless. Care to explain why that is? Is America talking
>out of both sides of it's mouth? Are we talking about two entirely dif-
>ferent groups of people? Something's wrong with this picture, sir.
>        I also found something else interesting, that no-one else has
>mentioned. Ice-T made one albumn after *Cop Killer*, & has essentially
>disappeared from the scene since then. I've barely even heard of the
>Geto Boyz. 2 Live Crew disappeared even faster than Ice-T, primarily be-
>cause even hard-core rappers realized they were a joke with nothing to
>say. The other group he mentioned, Cannibal Corpse, I've never heard of.
>A friend of mine, who listens to a lot of punk & gansta rap, dismissed
>them as a passing fad unworthy of attention. My point is that Dole chose
>to attack musicians that are either too far out on the fringe to even
>care about, or musicians that disappeared a year or so ago. In other
>words, he's dredging up the bottom of the barrel to make political hay.
>        So far as movies are concerned -- well, I made my point earlier.
>He's attacking some movies for mindless violence, but he won't dare to
>go after a single movie made by GOP actors. No matter how you try to
>slice that, it comes up BS. If he wants to convince me that he's ser-
>ious, he can start taking some of those GOPsters to task, as well. If he
>refuses to do so, I will continue to label him a hypocrite. If he does
>go after them, I'll back off.
>        Frankly, I really doubt I'll have a reason to back off.
>        Really? I'm not so sure.
Actually that is not completely true. In both the movie business and
recording industry those mentioned above are NOT selling like hotcakes
but rather are being hyped by the media. The highest grossing films
were "Lion King," "Forrest Gump," and a couple of other PG rated films.
However, those films are expensive to make and so even at record gross
revenues don't make money. The slash and burn films are cheap (by
comparison) to make and can make money with a much smaller gross sales.
However, Rush made a point about this as well. Hollywood says it does thishisk
because of demand yet those films don't gross what the leading G and PGout
films gross. Again I think you are so anti-Dole that you are overlooking
the important message he was trying to send.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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