Movies, Dole, & Thinking For Yourself

Sat Jun 10 15:13:27 MDT 1995

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>        Dennis Putnam, & others:
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>        I didn't compare the two, Dennis, nor did I put the two in the
>same category. I said I found the song trashy & offensive. I also said I
>found it interesting that the right-wing never goes after the kind of
>garbage you'll hear in country-western music. That's about all.
Then I mis-understood. I got the clear impression you though that if
Dole talked about "Cop Killer" as being offensive that he was hypocritical
if he didn't also criticize "Trashy Women." I guess I now have no idea
what your point was and I apologize for being dense.
>(... 2 lines deleted)
>        That's right. I didn't criticize Dole for criticizing something
>he believe is wrong. I criticized his motives, & his timing. I find them
>highly suspicious, for the same reasons that Darin did.
>        In fact, since I believe his motives are wrong, there is nothing
>wrong with my criticizing him. Right?
Right. However, you believe he is not sincere because of his
questionable motives and timing, so you must think he really beleives
this garbage is OK and won't admit it. At least that is the conclusion
one can deduce from your statement. Sorry, I can't buy that and we again
have to agree to disagree because I don't think he likes that trash any more
than you.
>        I don't recall implying anything of the sort. I've often stated
>that Wilson is a hypocrite, & so is Patrick Buchanan. As for the Demo-
>craps... well, the Bill-thing is their only candidate. What else can you
>say? :)
>(... 2 lines deleted)
>        No, by my argument, you should go see the movie rather than rely
>on something someone else said. Or, you can watch the previews of it on
>television, & then decide that the movie is too violent for your taste.
>To rely on the media -- who you always seem to excoriate -- for your in-
>formation on a movie... well, sorry Dennis. That, to me, is nonsense. So
>is criticizing a movie that you've never seen.
>        After all, don't we, on this list, always tell each other to
>think for ourselves, rather than let the media do our thinking for us?
Again we have to agree to disagree. I refuse to see "Born Killers" based
solely on the reviews I have read. I should not have to see an offensive
movie before I am allowed to decided whether or not it is offensive. I
can make that decisionn based on the premise of the movie which I sincerely
doubt the media will lie about. They certainly didn't lie about what "Lion
King," or "Forrest Gump" was about so why do you think they would lie about
the subject matter in "Born Killers?" If "Born Killers" is actually a
wholesome family film on a par with "Forrest Gump" then I guess I was duped
into not going by the media. Somehow I don't think that is my loss as much
as it is the producer's even if that were true.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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