What Dole DIDN'T Say

Bruce Norbeck MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM
Sun Jun 11 11:25:18 MDT 1995

        D.J. Rotigel, & others:
>I think Dole has a good point. Lets censor the movies. Tomorrow we can
>censor talk radio, and the following day we can regulate what can be
>put on the Internet. What in the world is he attempting to do here?
        Despite all of my criticizm of Dole on this issue, I must say
that he did NOT advocate government censorship of the stuff he finds ob-
jectionable. I say this out of a desire to be fair. Dole only said that
he thinks Hollywood should do a much better job of policing itself, & I
absolutely agree with him on that. It may be one of the very few things
I'll agree with Beltway Bob on, but I'll give him that much credit.
        Left unanswered, at least by Dole, has been the question of what
will happen if Hollywood refuses to censor itself. I then ask myself, if
movies like *Natural Born Killers* continue to make lots of money, will
the producers keep giving us trash like it? The American public needs to
make its collective mind up, & decide what we really want -- we claim to
want less mindless violence & loveless sex, but we keep buying the gar-
age we say we dislike -- then, & only then, will Hollywood stop putting
this stuff out.
        I, for one, would like to see Mr. Dole, & all others who advo-
cate this position, answer the above question. Since I've been a long-
time advocate of letting the free market be the only censor in a free
society, I'll go first. I say nothing should happen. So long as we keep
spending money on this stuff, Hollywood will continue to sell it to us.
I firmly believe that Hollywood & the record companies wouldn't put this
stuff on the market if they didn't think it would sell. As long as it
sells -- well, that's between buyer & seller, not anyone else.
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