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Sun Jun 11 15:56:49 MDT 1995

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>        Tell me, Dennis -- have you seen *True Romance*? Or will you re-
>fuse to do so, based solely on the reviews you've read? If so, what was
>it in the reviews that causes you to avoid it? Seeing as how Arnie's mo-
>vies have a large amount of gratuitous violence & profanity, *what*, in
>your mind, is the difference?
How what I do has anything to do with the message Dole was trying to put
across, I don't know. But to answer your questions. No. No. Nothing, I'm a
Sci-Fi fan so I don't got to either of those kinds of movies. None, within
the context of your question.
>        I find these next three statements of yours rather interesting,
>Dennis. Perhaps you could explain what seems like a fundamental contra-
>        First, you tell me that the highest grossing movies were ex-
>pensive to make, & so don't make money. Then, you tell me that the ob-
>jectionable films are much less expensive, & so make money on smaller
>gross sales. Then, you tell me that those films don't gross what the
>leading PG & G movies make. Which is it, Dennis?
I missed something here. Assumming the word 'those' in the last sentence
refers to the films in the second sentence, I'd say it was consistant?
If the words 'those' refers to the PG & G films then I misspoke.
>        Perhaps you could begin by telling me what you mean by a cheap
>slash & burn film. When you do so, don't include *Natural Born Killers*,
>which was quite expensive. &, exactly what point WAS Rush making?
Perhaps I'm dating myself as a (non)movie goer but I was refering too
films like "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," "Nukem High," and other cheap to
make slasher films that don't need many paying customers to turn a profit.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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