Movies, Dole, & Thinking For Yourself

Sun Jun 11 16:29:26 MDT 1995

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>        Dennis Putnam, & others:
>(... 4 lines deleted)
>        Dennis, the whole point of this discussion has been -- at least,
>I thought it had been -- the breakdown of societal morals & values, &
>whether that breakdown has been aggravated by bad values in popular en-
>tertainment. My point was that there are a lot of themes throughout the
>country-western spectrum that I would think conservatives would blast as
>poor family values, *Trashy Women* being an example. I am not placing it
>in the same category as *Cop Killer*, which I also found highly object-
>ionable; the mind-set of the musicians involved is entirely different.
>That doesn't mean, IMHO, that the one is somehow better or less trashy
>than the other.
>        Frankly, one of my biggest objections to gangsta rap is that it
>seems rather fake. I find it rather difficult to believe that Ice-T has
>gone out with a shotgun & killed cops for the hell of it -- mainly be-
>cause cops are notoriously protective of their own, & tend to go all out
>to catch those who shoot other cops. Gangsta rap does describe people
>who do go out & shoot others for the hell of it; it's just that I don't
>believe the rappers ever had the guts to do so themselves.
Sorry, my mistake. I thought we were debating whether or not Dole was
a 'cynical hypocrite' based on what he said or didn't say in the address
in Holywood.
>        Fascinating. I question his timing & motives, & that get's
>turned into my inference that he actually believes this kind of garbage
>is okay but won't admit it. Where did you get that conclusion from? I
>guess one CAN draw that conclusion, if one really wanted to do so; but I
>find the conclusion utterly unsupported by logic of any sort. Therefore,
>I wonder how you managed to draw it. I never said or implied anything of
>the sort in any way, shape, or form.
Again, I apologize. I thought you said Dole was a 'cynical hypocrite,'
and that means to me he is saying the opposite of what he believes or
does. So if a hypocrite condemns immoral lyrics and movies I would
draw the logical conclusion that he actually promotes them or at least
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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