Movies, Bob Dole, Paul, & I

Mon Jun 12 14:51:16 MDT 1995

|Date: Sun, 11 Jun 1995 22:46:29 -0700
|From: Bruce Norbeck <MadTom at IX.NETCOM.COM>
|Subject: Movies, Bob Dole, Paul, & I
|        Rest assured, Paul, that when you, or anyone else, writes the
|kind of post I responded to, I shall blow it off as meaningless rhet-
|oric. I am astounded that I have to say this, but: if you've something
|to say to me, have the courtesy to direct it at me, by name, rather than
|simply making inferences. I find inferences objectionable, at best.
|       [snip, snip]
|        I don't know, Paul. Did your statements, target un-named, pro-
|vide you with satisfaction? Considering that the clear inference of your
|       [snip, snip]
|        Darn right there are. Dennis & were discussing Bob Doles speech
|& whether politics played a large role in his timing & motives. Then,
|you decide to step in & demand that we return to the substance of the
|discussion at hand; you inferred that my statements were "infecting" cy-
|berspace & this list in particular. & you wonder why I took umbrage?
|       [snip, snip]
|        Sure, Paul. Your posting was directed at me in all but name, as
|I was the only one questioning Dole's timing & motives & the accuracy of
|his statements. I think I've every right to demand that you refrain from
|doing so, & that, at the very least, you try to add soemthing to the to-
|pic without resorting to personal attacks.
        I guess that's enough.  Pure paranoia, nothing more.
        I apologize to the list for making this observation,
        but I can't see it as anything but.
        When I use your name, Bruce, you'll know that I am directing
        something to you.  When a name does not appear, it signifies
        a comment or observation to the list in general.  Any
        "inferences" are solely of your own invention.  I speak in
        direct terms--I have no need to hide behind innuendo.
        Until I use your name, Bruce, don't feel so God-Almighty
        omnipotent in what you demand of others and what you
        infer others to have said.  No one died and left you in
        I'll not continue this thread.  If you choose to add your
        two-cents worth with heat, feel free.  I demand nothing
        of anyone with regard to what they post.

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