Cabin Fever?

Tue Jun 13 10:32:24 MDT 1995

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>Bruce, Dennis, Paul and others,
>After reading the last of my posts betw Bruce/Dennis and then Paul, I
>couldn't help but wonder if 'cabin fever' has crept in here.  Bruce and
>Dennis were bouncing back and forth on the Dole issue and no one else seemed
>to jump in w/comments for a time then Paul decided to share his thoughts.
>Forgive me if I'm wrong here but I was always under the impression that
>"anyone" could jump in on a discussion.  Bruce and Dennis, I've always
>enjoyed your posts (perhaps not always agreed but nevertheless ...) but you
>seem a bit touchy and possessive of your most recent interactions.   Even if
>you don't agree w/Paul's comments, I personally don't think he deserves the
>backhanded-slap-out-of-the-way manner in which you've reacted to his posts.
>I may not agree w/all Paul is saying either but I do support his right to
>participate in any post that is openly posted on this forum.  Get a grip
>guys!  Summer is here; get out of cyberspace and into the sunshine for a bit
>to clear the cobwebs.  Come back w/a fresh approach.  We need clear thinkers
>here.  Go play some soccer or something.  I've said my peace and if you want
>me, or anyone else, out of your conversation, don't post to rushtalk until
>you're willing to share.  Cindy B.
Perhaps without him noticing it himself Bruce has become a little testy
lately (pressures of the new job?) but nothing I really see as serious.
Some of Paul's comments could be construed as an hominem attack by
Bruce. Therefore perhaps Bruce was somewhat justified in being upset and
given the pressures of a management postion was a little short but nothing
that is unforgivable. I think if both Bruce and Paul were to re-read
their posts they would both agree the points could have been worded more
impersonally. But that's easy for me to say, I was not involved in that
altercation. As a manager myself, I can sympathize with Bruce, it takes a
while to seperate work from personal life, and some never make it.
Dennis Putnam
Huntsville, AL

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