Who does Clinton pray to?

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Tue Jun 13 10:55:27 MDT 1995

Dennis writes:
>I suppose some gung-ho liberal trying to chase God out of all public life
>could look at someone, with head bowed, hands folded and perhaps moving
>lips would conclude that person was praying and thus act. After all,
>with Clinton as an example to follow what difference does the truth make.
>Dennis Putnam
>Huntsville, AL
This may sound judgmental, but when I see Clinton (with CAPS and spelled
correctly, Miles ;) praying, I REALLY wonder what God he is praying too.  I'm
serious here guys.  He seems not to follow the God I know, the one of Abraham,
Issac, Moses, and David.  So I really do wonder....
Sam Teel

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