Pray or Pass out?

Sam Teel sam.teel at SFWMD.GOV
Tue Jun 13 10:50:14 MDT 1995

Cindy writes:
>OK folks, here's my question.  How could anyone know when someone is praying
>in silence? unless the pray'er tells someone.  Silent prayer is just that,
>silent!  During silent prayer, the praying person's facial expression and
>body position is most often that of an individual in deep thought.
A few years ago I was hired as a pc tech in a small company.  I was the only
Christian.  One day as we were about to have lunch in the conference room, I
bowed my head and was silently asking God to bless me and the food.  After a fewseconds I felt a hand on shoulder and my boss was asking me, "Sam, are you
alright!? I thought you were gonna pass out there for a minute."   We got a
kick out of that for awhile.
Take care all, and Cindy, have a good trip!
Sam Teel

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